Ive found a box of VHS video tapes containing all sorts of wonderful memorablia from the 80s & 90s, which I'm in the process of converting & posting on YouTube. These clips will go into a playlist called "The Vault" & you can see the first postings here:

The Vault


Some of the footage is grainy, & the sound isn't always great, but the shirts are loud & the hairstyles sometimes dubious!

There is a a clip from a TV show produced in Australia called "Our Country" which featured interviews & performances. It was filmed in Melbourne, by the Yarra river. I'm playing "ashokan Farewell" on my then brand new Maton 808. I still have that guitar, its mellowed very nicely. Later in the clip I play "beverly Hillbillys theme" to demonstrate banjo picking on the guitar.

The other clip is a live, noisy pub in Sydneys inner west - the Nags Head hotel. I don't know who filmed it, but there are plenty more clips where that came from! I play "Jiffy Jam", a regular piece in my growing repertoire from the late 80s.

Enjoy, post comments, & I'll be encouraged to upload more.


Scott Surridge December 04, 2011 @11:30 am

Aaargh! Pink shirt alert! All wonderfully played though, mate!

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